Visitor INFO

The Shire of York has given permission to use the Avon Park as a dedicated area for a medieval village.

There is plenty of room for archers, catapults and other dispays.

The markets will also operate from Avon Park, with stalls, entertainment, food and music.

Any goups who would like to camp, are welcome to do so, with prior consent.


Held at Avon Park, York WA.

Gates open 9am

Adults Admission $10

Children under 15 yrs Free!

100% of gate takings to Perth Homeless.

Great day out for a good cause.


Food and Hot/Cold drinks available from numerous vendors thoughout the grounds.

Toilets are located to the south side of the park

Disabled Access

Disabled access is from the south entrance.

Please note, the venue is grass and the ground can be slightly uneven.


Various accommodation is available within the town.

Please see the Visit York Website for more information.


York is located approximately 100km East of perth, in the picturesque Avon Valley

York’s Avon Park is located at 10 Glebe Street, York WA